Sunday, June 8, 2008

Happy Birthday Taylor!!

Our niece Taylor turned nine on Saturday. We went to Fillmore to help her celebrate her birthday. Friday night she had some friends over for a sleep out and on Saturday we had a family birthday party/BBQ for her. As always we had so much fun in Fillmore. Tali loves to hang out with her cousins and play until she is completely worn out. Here are some pictures from the birthday party. I have some really good ones with...well I won't mention any names but......of someone putting lots of food in their mouth....just send me your email address if you would like a good laugh!!!The birthday girl with Kenya
Taylor with her cake

Taylor got some great gifts!

Aunty Cheryl & Crosley

Unlce Shane, Taylor, & Aunty Kristi


The Harris's said...

Wow you are lucky. I hope that no one wants to see that picture. I was going to kill you. It was a fun weekend we need to do more fun things like that.