Sunday, March 29, 2009

Weekend Fun!

This weekend Mark had a rugby game in St. George. We headed to Fillmore on Friday and stayed the night. Saturday morning Mark and I headed to St. George and left the girls in Fillmore with Grandpa & Grandma. Our good friends the Pelas met up with us in Fillmore Saturday morning and headed to St. George with us. Marks team won their rugby game 69 to 0!! After the game we ate at Honolulu Grill....way GOOD!! We then headed back to Fillmore to catch the last half of the donkey basketball game!! Yes, real people ride on real donkeys and they play basketball. Mark couldn't believe it. I left the camera in the car so I didn't get any pictures...but is was soooo funny to watch. Relaxed on Sunday, hung out with the family and made the drive safely back home.

Monday, March 23, 2009

My New Hobby!!

I LOVE Running! I started running about 6 months ago and I love it. I have decided to run a 5K every month maybe two a month if I can fit them into my schedule! Saturday was my first run, I finished in 31 minutes. My goal is to just keep beating my time and by October be able to run a 10K. I am really excited. I would love to eventually work my way up to running a half-marathon...right now those 13 miles seem like a little much!
Mark bundled up the girls and brought them to cheer me on!
My running girls...Niki (holding Tali), Me, Becky & Kelli

Baby Kennedy came to cheer on her mommy Kelli...isn't she cute??Becky came in 2nd place for her age group...way to go Becky!!

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Rugby has Started!!

Mark's rugby season has started! He is playing for Salt Lake Spartans this year, instead of Park City Haggis. They had their first game March 7th against Provo and lost 20 to 12. They played again yesterday against St. George and they won 57 to 0!! These pictures are from the game against Provo, I didn't get any pictures yesterday... I know...I got to the game late and then just forgot!! As much as I hate having him gone all week with school, work and rugby practice it is fun to go watch him play on Saturdays. I just hope it warms up!!!Mark is #2...he just threw the ball in.
Mark is in the middle.