Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Dinner with Grandmas

My Grandma Taylor was in Provo last week for her second round of surgery. She is fighting cancer. My mom has been staying with her while she has been in the hospital. Once she was released they had to stay another night to see the doctor the next day before my mom could take her home. Mark and I took this opportunity to go visit. We took the girls and went to visit her and we all went to dinner.
Kenya waiting anxiously for her food...FEED ME!

My Mom (holding Tali), my Grandma Taylor, & me (holding Kenya)

Kenya going in for a kiss!

Me & my Grandma

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Busy Saturday....

This past Saturday was fun for us. I started the day by running my second 5K race. I ran in the SL Marathon, but yes only the 5K. I had a blast, the weather was perfect. I finished in 31:07 which is better than my first and that is my goal to keep beating my time. After the race I headed home, when I got home Mark and the girls were still sleeping!!Kelli, Me, & Niki after the race.

Once everyone woke up I took Tali and went to get the car washed, it needed it badly. If I had the TIME & energy I would do it myself alot more often but that doesn't ever happen. Then it was off to Mark's rugby game. We made it to the field a little early and was able to watch Highland and Skyline highschool rugby teams play. During the second half of Marks game he got hit pretty hard and it knocked him out. So for the rest of the day and into Sunday he was a bit out if it, but he is back to normal now. Thank goodness it wasn't anything more serious. His team lost 31-40. They played against a team from Sacramento. Since it was the playoffs and they lost then they do not move on. So sad....on a brighter note it will be nice to have him home more!
After the game we headed to our good friends the Pelas for a little BBQ. Mark was still out of it so it was nice just to relax and let the kids play outside.
Tali in the car on the way to the Pelas.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

So Sleepy....

Tali was all worn out. She wanted to watch cartoons so I turned them on for her. About five minutes later Kenya turned the TV off (one of her favorite things to do). Usually Tali will start yelling "No Kenya, Mom..... Kenya turned the TV off," but all was quiet. I walked over and this is how I found Tali....sound asleep!

Monday, April 13, 2009


I love Easter! It usually means the start of spring time weather....but lately I'm not so sure about that! We had a great Easter weekend. It was Marks weekend off so it made it all that much better. During the week, while Kenya was taking one of her many naps (she loves to sleep) Tali and I colored eggs. Tali had a blast making them all different colors and then she made some that "matched" each other! Here are some pictures...aren't the eggs soo cute!
She put stickers on ALL of them!
Saturday we went to Marks rugby game and froze! It was cold and rainy. But we had a good time anyways. That night we took the girls to the Mayan for dinner. I haven't been there in years. At first Tali was scared and kept telling me "Lets just go home Mom". But after we got seated and explained to her it was just a show she was fine and then of course she didn't want to leave. A few of the divers walked by while we were eating and Tali was so cute she would start waving then yell out "Hi my name is Tali!" It was a fun day spent out of the house!!
The Easter Bunny paid us a visit on Saturday night.
Tali is checkin' out what was left in her bucket!

Look a new kite!
Kenya with a new toy! She loves to smile for the camera.

Sunday after church we had a BBQ with Marks family. We threw a bunch of candy filled eggs in the back and Tali with her two cousins gathered them all up. It was a nice relaxing day and good weather to be outside.

Tali is filling up her bucket with eggs!

Aunty Mino, Aunty Ruby...yes she gathered eggs also, Dee, Tali & Benson

Dee & Tali