Saturday, June 14, 2008

All About Kenya!

Kenya turned 4 months old on May 30th. I took her in for her well child check this past week & she is growing and developing very well. She weighs 17lbs and 4ozs, & is 26 inches long! She is learning to grab her toys and put them in her mouth. She is almost rolling over, she gets to her side and then she isn't quite sure what to do next. It won't be too long before she is rolling all over the place. She is such a good baby and loves to just lay and play and she really likes it when Tali talks to her! She has been sleeping through the night for a couple of months now. Here are some of my favorite pictures of Kenya doing what she does best.....SLEEPING!!!!

She loves to have the blanket over her face when she is sleeping!


The Harris's said...

She is so funny I love the picture of her with the blanket over her face. Maybe one day Kadee will catch up to her.