Monday, June 29, 2009

Vegas ~ Day 6

Day 6:
Wednesday we had decided to spend the afternoon and evening on the strip. There were quite a few things we wanted to take the kids to see, so we set off! Our first unusual experience happened at the M&M factory. We went up to the 3rd floor so all the grandkids could get a bag of M&Ms that grandma was treating them to. They all picked out their own colors and flavors. In the meantime Mark had found some things he wanted so he went over to the cash register. Just then they annouce over the PA system everyone must exit immediately. So I am on the 3rd floor with the double stroller, Tali is asleep in it, and I can't find Mark anywhere & they will not let us use the escalator. So my dad & I carry the double stroller down 3 flights of stairs with all the rest of thousands of people. We made it safely outside. We walk around to the front of the building and they are letting people back in. My mom went back to get all the bags of M&Ms that the kids picked out and they had trashed them much for the M&M factory....not impressed!

Checking out the flamingos, ducks & fish.

Rubbing the Buddah for good luck

The Coca Cola Bear...Tali was asleep

We were able to watch the trainers feed the lions at the MGM Grand. Then grandma bought all the grandkids their own little lion!

We stayed at the MGM Grand for dinner. We had made reservations at the Rainforest Cafe. It was alot of fun.

The kids trying out their new sunglasses!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

Vegas ~ Day 5

Day 5:
Tuesday morning my sister Melissa had made us girls (me, my two sisters, & Sadie) reservations at the spa to get pedicures. It was really wonderful and peaceful!! We left all the kids with the dads in the swimming pool and took off to our appointments. After an hour of complete relaxation this is what our toes looked like..

Mine of course are the cuttest in pink!!

After a morning of swimming the kids were worn out. The condos were serving hot dogs and lemonade for lunch poolside. Some were just too tired to eat...

Others loved the hot dogs..

Two monkeys in a tree

After lunch and naps my sister Cheryl's family and us went to town square. My parents went out to dinner and to see Donny & Marie! Town Square was really cute and the kids had a blast playing in all the little house, slides, hedge maze, and water.

Tali running across the water sprayers trying to not get wet

Let me explain this next picture. While we were at Town Square...first of all there were some interesting people there, and I love to people watch so it was fun for me. This little boy loved the water sprayers. He was just in his undies and he would just wait...once the water started spraying up he would thrust his hips forward and have the water hit his peepee! He did it over and over again...

We left Town Square and headed to South Point for buffet dinner. It was really good and fun to have such a variety of foods.

Here is a picture of our condos..

Vegas ~ Day 4

Day 4:
Monday morning we headed out to Primm to do some shopping at the outlets! When we got back the kids went swimming again. Once the kids were all bathed and cleaned up we headed to Sliverton Lodge, where they have a 117,000 gallon aquarium. We got there and after just a few mintues the divers were in the tank feeding all the fish. It was really cool to watch and the kids LOVED it!

All cleaned up!!

Sliverton Lodge is also home of the Pro Bass Shop. We walked around and looked at all the cool things.

Mark & Tali wishing they were on water instead of hardwood floors!

We left Silverton Lodge and headed to Sams Town. By time we got there we had just missed to indoor water and light show. We didn't want to wait another hour with all the little ones getting fussy; so the next best cream sundaes for everyone!

These two could be best friends one minute and fighting the next!!