Saturday, February 6, 2010

Tracy's Wedding...

Tracy, one of my roommates from Dixie got hitched on January 23rd. She looked beautiful and so happy! Mark was working so I ended up going with the girls and met Niki and Kelli there. Tali was in awe of Tracy the whole time thinking she was a real princess in her dress!! We wish you all the best in your new adventures!!
Kenya giving loves to Kennedy

Tali & Kenya LOVE baby Kennedy

Happy Birthday to Kadee!

Tali & Kenya's cousin Kadee turned two on January 27th just three days before Kenya turned two!! Aunty Missa & Uncle John had a fabulous party for her at Jumpin Jacks in Springville. Tali & Kenya had a blast playing with all their counsins and going crazy on the slides. I had quite the workout carrying Kenya up to the top of the slides, it was well worth it except for the missing skin on my elbow that still hasn't healed!! Just for the record to my sister Cheryl, I totally kicked your butt on the obstacle course...until next time I am #1!!Kenya, Hailey, Kadee, & Tali
The Birthday Girl!