Monday, November 10, 2008

Tali & her new baby!

Here is Tali with her new baby! This is the one she picked out for being potty trained. It crawls and giggles just like sister she said!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Another.....Its Official!!!

Tali is potty trained!!! YIPEE!! I don't know who is more excited me or her. One less to buy diapers for and I couldn't be happier. I just started on Monday, making it really fun for her. She hasn't had any accidents for 4 days now. She filled up her potty chart with stickers so we had to make a trip to Walmart tonight and buy a new baby. I am so proud of her! I will post pictures soon of Tali and her new baby!

Monday, November 3, 2008

Its Official!!

Kenya is CRAWLING!!! I never thought this day would come. She could get anywhere she wanted to by rolling and turning her body. This girl can roll like no other! But today she started crawling. She is so cute!

Sunday, November 2, 2008


Halloween was a GREAT day for us. It started out by having Mark off ALL day.....YIPPEE!!! This doesn't happen very often for us so we were exicted. We decided to get dressed up as a family and take the girls plus one (my niece) to our works during the day. We first stopped by Alta View and then it was off to the U. Tali, Kenya & Kadee looked so cute all little animals. Kenya and Kadee did great riding in the stroller and Tali wandered around getting a bag full of candy. Mark and I had fun dressing up as well.

Mr. & Mrs. James Brown!

Tali's cute little giraffe butt!

Then it was time to get home and put the finishing touches on the haunted house aka KrEePrRS. Mark did a great job as always and the kids loved it. The following pictures are some of the scarers of KrEePeRs!!

So this guy sitting in front of the one knew who he was...SCARY!! I kept asking Mark "Who is that?". Mark had no idea. Mark would ask him questions and he would not give up his identity. Whoever he was it was a great and scary addition to KrEePeRs.

Some of our trick-or-treaters

The Pela clan & Jasmine

The line of trick-or-treaters waiting to get into KrEePeRs!!

Our nephew Wyate turned 12 on Halloween...HAPPY HAPPY BIRHTDAY!!

Sorry for all the pictures but as you can tell KrEePeRs was a success and we had a great time. Thanks to all those who came and left scared! We are looking forward to next year.