Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tis the Season....To be BUSY!!!

So I haven't posted for a couple of weeks..not because I don't have anything to share but because we have been busy...like everyone else at this time of year! Christmas is fast approaching and everytime I have a few minutes of free time to blog I quickly think of something else I need to get done while the girls are napping. Then before you know it they are awake and need my undivided attention. We have had a fun December and Tali is really into Christmas this year. Kenya loves the Christmas tree and the ornaments, but doesn't really understand the concept of Santa Claus bringing gifts. Every few nights Mark calls and pretends to be Santa and talks to Tali....she loves it. She tells him she wants a scooter because she doesn't even have one at her house, then he tells her to be a big girl and help with sister and Santa will see what he can do! It is the highlight of her day. Here are a few things we have been doing lately:
  • Went to temple square and looked at the lights
  • Drive around the neighborhoods and look at lights (getting some good ideas for next year!)
  • Deliver Christmas gifts
  • Went to our ward Christmas Party
  • Hosted my family Christmas Party
  • Made Christmas Sugar Cookies & ate them

  • Tali went sledding down our driveway

  • Went to Mark's parents' ward Christmas Party

  • Made a gingerbread house

We have had a fun December and can't wait for Christmas and the New Year! I hope you all have a very merry Christmas!!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Playing Catch Up!

What was she thinking?? I finally had some free time to get caught up blogging..I hope you enjoy all the posts! But it didn't come easily. I got the memory card out of the camera to put into my laptop. Well I couldn't get it to go in, I tried and tried. Then I ask Tali "what have you done to Mom's computer?" Nothing she says. I turn on the light and look inside the slot to find pennies jammed into it. So after digging them out with a paper clip I am back in business. So I asked Tali "Why would you put pennies in Mom's computer?" she replies "I wanted to."

Christmas Season!

I have always loved the Christmas season. I love that my dad puts up all his lights even though none of us are at home any more to help. The grandchildren love it. I love the inside decorations that my mom and dad put up every year. It is so much work and they do it just because. My girls were in awe this past weekend watching it all come together. I am so lucky to have such great parents & grandparents they are to my children.The North Pole...aka Grandma & Grandpa's
Inside the North Pole!

Kenya with Grandma watching the train go around the tree!

Thanksgiving Weekend

We spent Thanksgiving weekend in Fillmore. We always have so much fun and have a hard time coming back home. Our plans were to return home on Saturday morning early, well we decided to stay for all the festivies Saturday night. I am so glad we did we had fun spending one more day with the family. The girls were able to see Santa for the first time this year and as you can tell from the pictures Tali did not like it. As we were getting closer to the front of the line she kept telling me "Mom, I don't want it." Kenya didn't mind it at all!Tali did NOT want to see Santa.

Kenya with Mr. & Mrs. Claus

Aunty Cheryl & Crosley

Grandma with Hailey & Tali...I think you two are too heavy for Grandma.

Tali & Hailey all bundled up!

Grandma, Hailey & Aunty Cheryl on the wagon ride. I have to share this little tidbit...so Mark and I decided to take the hayride while the rest of the family took the wagon ride. We were in front of them and as we were returning to the unloading zone the wagon was having a hard time getting the horses to turn around. Well in the end we all got off safely. My sister tells me the horse that was pulling their wagon had hit my moms parked car while turning and dented in the bumper and scrapped the paint....TOO FUNNY!!
Kenya on the hay ride.
Dad & Tali on the hay ride.


So if you have been by our house lately you would know which team our family cheers for..The UTES!! We were so excited for this game. Since we were not able to watch the game in person we decided to go to Mark's parents house and watch it with them and have a little tailgate party before the game started. We had a blast even though the majority of Mark's family was cheering for BYU. Our team won so what could be better than that?

The girls ready for the game!

I spent the morning making my "to die for" sugar cookies! Cookies anyone? They were perfect for the game. Yes the BYU fans did eat them!

Kenya & Aunty Ame (BYU fan..Boo!)
Cutie Kenya & Wyate (BYU fan...boo!)

Tali & Uncle Sam's "BIG TRUCK"

Tali loves BIG TRUCKS!! Whenever we see one while driving she always points it out to us. One afternoon Uncle Sam stopped by in his big truck & Tali was able to get in and of course Mark snapped some pictures. This was the highlight of her day. Thanks Uncle Sam!Tali & Weylin
Benson, Tali & Weylin