Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I love Thanksgiving, it gives us all a reason to stop and think about all we are thankful for. I for one take many things for granted and don't stop long enough to be thankful and grateful for all that I have. I am thankful for my husband and out two healthy, sassy daughters. I am thankful for our families and for all they do for us. I am thankful for the gospel and for my testimony. I am thankful for friends who are always there for my little family, the list goes on!

This year for Thanksgiving, Mark worked so the girls and I had dinner with Marks family and then Friday after my shopping, the girls and I headed to Fillmore for the weekend. We had Thanksgiving dinner again on Friday!

Even though our team lost on Saturday the girls were cheering loud for the red and white!

On Saturday Santa Claus paid a visit to Fillmore! I took the girls to visit him. Tali was shy but wasn't scared, Kenya on the other hand did not want anything to do with him.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Halloween Spirit....

This year we had a fun Halloween. A little sad for us because we didn't open KrEePeRs (our haunted house) this year. Mark ended up working on Halloween but that didn't stop me and the girls from having a great time. I worked in the morning and dressed up with my friends at work. The girls came in later that day and ended up with their bags full of candy. Tali was Abby Caddaby from Seasame Street and Kenya was Minnie Mouse. Halloween night I took the girls trick-or-treating around the neighborhood and then we came home and handed out candy to all our trick-or-treaters. We can't wait for next year!
Me, Becky, Regan (our manager), & Kelli
Disco Divas...aren't we hot??

New Hats!!

Tali LOVES the dollar store. We stopped by there a few weeks ago and she found this hat that she just had to have. She is always so thoughtful, so she picked out one for Kenna. Here they are modeling their new dollar store hats!!

Crazy Corn Maze

Marks family activity for October was to go to the Corn Maze. We all met up at his parents' house to enjoy chili cheese dogs and head on over to the corn maze. We had a great time. Tali went through the maze (well not all the way) with Aunty Kelli & Uncle Sam. She had a great time. Mark and I stayed out with the real monster Kenya. After the corn maze we had donuts and hot cocoa. Kenya did not the the scarecrow man at the beginning!!

Sugar Cookies!!

My sister in Fillmore needed a babysitter one weekend in October. I took the girls and we spent the weekend in Fillmore while daddy was working. I had made a bunch of Halloween shaped sugar cookies and then I let all the kids decorate them. I think they had more fun eating them than they did decorating them. They turned out really cute!

Halloween Bunco

Since I LOVE Halloween I suggested to my friend hosting Bunco for October that she should have everyone dress up. It was alot of fun. Even though I didn't win for the best costume, I did win first place at Bunco. Yay for me!!
Our Bunco group.
Me & Heidi

Cutest Smiles!

As I was going through my camera I found these cute smiles!! I couldn't resist sharing them.

Park City

The first part of October we went with the Pela's to Park City for the night. It was fun to get away. The kids had a blast going crazy and of course swimming! Kenya hated her swimming tube. I took it off of her and she thought she could swim. I would just let her go and she would go right under I would lift her up, she would blink a few times and then wanted to do it again....she is quite the fish! She just needs to learn to keep her head above water!


The gang!

All done swimming!!

Friday, October 2, 2009

Sleepy Kenya!

Lately Kenya has been getting so tired in the afternoons. Mark tries to keep her up until I am on my way home from work so I can get a little rest in with Tali. But there are somedays she just can't handle it any longer...she will just lay down on the floor and fall right to sleep...she is so cute! If you notice she has her hippo...something we do not leave home without.

Monday, September 21, 2009

#1 Dad...

This post is dedicated to Mark! Since I have gone back to work full time, Mark takes care of the girls in the morning until I get home and he leaves for work. The one thing that I can't complain about ever is what a great dad he is. He LOVES his girls and I am glad they get to spend so much time together. He is so good about taking pictures during their morning to show me how much fun they have had. Although he doesn't do things how I would (because you all know my way is the right way) he does a great job and the girls sure do love their daddy! Here are some pictures of their mornings....good thing I pick out Tali's clothes for preschool!!See Kenya in the back with no shirt and a camo hat on!!