Sunday, May 24, 2009


Tali & Kenya love to be tumblers as we call it at our house. Maybe one day they will be performing in the Olympics!!!

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Trip to Cali

On May 6th Mark and I found out that T Pela's father has passed away in California. The Pela's are such good friends of ours and would do anything for us. Mark and I decided we would take the girls and drive out to Cali for the funeral services. They were held on Saturday May 9th. We left Salt Lake on Thursday night around 9PM. We figured if we drove through the night the girls would both sleep. We got to our hotel Friday morning around 8. It took us 11 hours and the girls were great... both of them slept most of the way. Here are some pictures from the services.
This is what happens after a long day...after leaving the cemetaryTalei & Tali on our way to the cemetaryEntertaining themselves in the hotelNow for the drive home...not SO fun!! We left Cali around noon. Both girls were ready for a nap. The beginning of the drive went okay. Then it was not so okay. Niether of them wanted to sit in their seats they both wanted out of the car! We stopped in Winnemucca for about an hour. Tali rode her scooter around and Kenya was all over the place. Then it was back in the car!! We made it home safely at 2:30 Monday morning. We are both glad we went and the services were beautiful.

And she is gone...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Girls, Girls & more Girls!!

We LOVE girls at our house! Kenya and Tali love to play together...well most days! They are about the same size even though Tali is 18 months older.A few days last week and this week we are watching my friend Kelli's daughter Kennedy, while her regular babysitter is out of town. We have loved having her at our house. Kenya thinks she is a doll and trys holding her! It has been fun to have someone new to play with. Thanks Kelli for letting us watch her!
Tali loves to take care of Kennedy!
Double Trouble!
Kenya with her favorite....HIPPO
Kennedy posing for the camera
Kennedy loves all the attention from Tali and Kenya! Kennedy & Kenya

We love it when Aunty Missa and Baby Kadee come sleep over. Now that they live in Payson we don't get to see them very often. Kadee and Kenya are just three days apart. Kenya looks like she is a few months older!
All the girls ready for bed.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Its broke once again!!

One of Kenya's favorite thing to do is climb in the drawer where I keep all the sipee cups. She will climb in then one by one throw all the cups and lids all over the floor. Mark has already fixed the drawer once. It is just a matter of time before it is broke again. Kenya is just a little over the weight limit that the one drawer can hold!! One may ask why do you let her get in it? Well somedays it is just easier to let her do what she wants than to fight with her.

Friday, May 1, 2009

Happy Birthday Dad & Grandpa!

April 23rd my Dad celebrated his 59th birthday!! We went to Fillmore to help him celebrate. We had just a small cake since it was just my little family and my dad and of course Hailey home on the day of his actual birthday. Saturday we had a family BBQ with all the rest that could make it. We had some delicious food, cake and ice cream. Happy Happy Birthday Dad and many more to come!!
Grandpa getting help from the grandkids to blow out the candles
Grandpa with the grandkids..there are four missing!!