Friday, August 13, 2010

Tali turned 4!!

Tali turned 4 on July 29th. She wanted to have a beach birthday party. We had her party on August 7th since Mark was working the weekend of her birthday. We rented a water slide for the kids, enjoyed a nice BBQ, had a flip flop pinata, sang happy birthday, open LOTS of gifts, and enjoyed a beach birthday cake thanks to my mom who made the cutest cake ever. Tali enjoyed playing with all her cousins, and despite the 2 hour rain (more like down pour) shower we had the day turned out to be great!! I took Tali to her well child check and here are her stats:
Weight: 37 pounds - 35 percentile
Height: 39 inches - 35 percentile
Her blood pressure and vision are perfect.
Tali is such a sweet spirit and we are glad she choose us to be her parents. She is so excited to start her second year of preschool in September. She also can't wait for the baby to come out of mommy's belly so she can hold and feed her!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

My Birthday!!

It was my birthday on July 24th!! I had decided that I wanted to spend the day in Park City and do some shopping, where the temperature was a little cooler. We headed up to Park City and shopped and shopped and shopped some more. Surprisingly the girls and Mark were great sports with only a little complaining. When we were finished shopping we headed towards Morgan for dinner. The girls both took naps and Mark and I enjoyed the drive. We had dinner at Taggart's Grill. The food is delicious and the desserts are to die for!! If you haven't been I highly reccommend you take the drive and enjoy a nice meal.

After dinner we made out way back home. We did fireworks that night with family to end a great day!!

Days of '47 Rodeo

Mark and I decided that the girls were old enough to take them to the rodeo this year. We went on Friday July 23rd. We got there kinda early so waiting for the rodeo to start was the worst part. Once it started the girls really enjoyed it! We bought them their own cowgirl hat that had a tiara with flashing lights.

Monday, August 9, 2010

Camping - July 2010

I took the girls camping in July with my family. Mark had to work so it was just me. We camped from Thursday to Sunday and the girls had so much fun. We camped up Beaver mountain just down from Kent's Lake. It was so pretty and a nice little vacation. We were able to go out on the lake canoeing and fishing. Kenya's favorite thing to do was play in the dirt. She would sit for an hour and dig and dump dirt all over herself. Thank goodness for Grandpa and Grandmas trailer for the evening showers!! Tali loved playing with her cousins, they would color, play babies, blow bubbles, collect dirt, and of course have the occasional fight. We took the kids swimming in the lake one afternoon, they loved it. Tali said the fish were biting her toes but I doubt that!! It was a great camping trip but we missed our dad.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Two cute girls...

Tali and Kenya are quite the posers when then are in the mood...if you know what I mean!! Catch them at a bad time and you have just ruined their day. I am proud to say the Kenya is now potty-trained more diapers for a couple of months, thanks to my mom. I had the hardest time getting this girl potty trained she is sooooo stubborn and everything has to be her way and on her time. My mom had them for a week in July and potty-trained her. I just kept it going when I brought her home and she has been doing great. One thing I have learned is don't even try to pick out her underwear for the day...that is her job and you will ruin her day if you make her wear ones she doesn't want to....stubborn I tell ya!

Lagoon 2010

We took the girls to lagoon on Sunday July 11th. It was HOT!! We had decided that we would get there when it opened and stay until the girls just couldn't take anymore. We spent the first four hours at lagoon-a-beach. The girls had a blast playing in the water, going around in the lazy river and playing on the slides. It was nice for me too, to stay cooled off in the water. After we were done swimming we decided to get some lunch and then hit the rides. Kenya went on a couple of rides and then it was nap time. She took a nice nap in the stroller in the shade with Mark and I continued to take Tali on the rides. Once Kenya woke up she was ready for rides, rides and more rides. We ended up staying until the park closed. Tali was asleep in the car before we got out of the parking lot....she wore herself right out!! We had a great day as a family. We went on rattlesnack rapids and as you can tell from the pictures Tali was not too happy about getting all wet!!