Monday, August 31, 2009


So I have finally updated our blog! I have just finished 11 new posts...scroll down to check them all out. Just a few other updates, we are all alive and doing well. Mark and I celebrated our 8 year anniversary in June....time flies by when you are having fun..right?? I completed my first 10K run on July 24th. I loved it and can't wait for my next run. Mark started school again last week. With our crazy schedules it worked out best for him just to take an online class this semester. Stayed tuned for Tali's first day of preschool, she starts next week!!

Willow Pond Park

On Saturday also after we left the Aquarium we decided to stop off at Willow Pond Park and let the girls run through the water. Kenya was not having it, which is surprising she usually loves the water. She was more interested in the playground than she was with getting wet. Tali on the other hand loved it. She would run through covering her eyes so that the water wouldn't get in them!!

Living Planet Aquarium

On Saturday we had such a fun day. After spending the morning at the Farmers Market we took the girls to the Living Planet Aquarium. Tali & Kenya loved seeing all the fish.

Patriotic Pictures

Thanks to our friend Evette for taking these great Patriotic pictures of the girls!

You can check out her new adventure here

Kenya LOVES saimini..

Kenya loves to eat especially when it comes to saimini..the pictures tell the story!


This is Marks latest art project at our house....just in time for football season!

What to do??

Tali decided to comb her hair and this was the end result.... I was able to untangle the comb and she only lost a few strands of hair!

Tali is 3!!!

Tali turned 3 on July 29th! Since it was in the middle of the week I made her a small cake and got her a little gift to open on her special day. She called me at work when she woke up and I sang happy birthday to her and then she blew out her candles. On Saturday we had a party for her. She wanted a Tinkerbell party so that is what she got! All her cousins came and we had a great time. We played pin the star on Tinkerbell's wand, had a BBQ with lots of good food, had a Tinkerbell pinata and enjoyed lots of Tinkerbell cake thanks to Grandma Crosland for all her hard work making the cakes so cute. Tali wore her Tinkerbell dress the entire party just like a princess!
Uncle John, Aunty Missa & Kadee gave her two goldfish and a sad the fish only lasted a couple of days! They have sinced been replaced with a blue beta.