Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Seven Peaks

Yesterday I took the girls to Seven Peaks water park. We met the rest of my family there and had a blast. Mark had to work so he missed out on all the fun and we missed having him there with us. Tali and Kenya loved it. Kenya liked the lazy river the best, she was so content and she even fell asleep while going around. Tali loved the water as long as is didn't get in her eyes. Everytime someone would splash her she would start yelling "my eyes my eyes"...like they were going to fall off or something! I took a little break to feed Kenya and Tali wanted to be in the tube so my brother-in-law decided to take her down one of the big slides on a tube....well she loved it. Thank goodness it closed or we would probably still be there going down the slides. After we got kicked out we went to dinner with the family. We always have such a good time hanging out together.
Kenya taking a break!

Uncle Shane & Hailey just finishing a tube slide

Aunty Cheryl & Kadee

Mom & Tali coming out of the tube....I look more scared than Tali!

Uncle Joe & Tali...she doesn't want off the tube!

Tali & Hailey having a little snack

Hailey is such a little fish!

Kenya in her tube

Kenya & Tali


The Harris's said...

That was a blast. I am really surprised that Tali had so much fun on the tube slide.

Marcae said...

I love Seven Peaks. We actually got a season pass this year, so I'm looking forward to going a couple times this summer. Looks like you all had a blast.

Fritzsche's said...

I've got to get Kenyon one of those floaties. He would love it and I love how it shades them. Looks like a good time especially in this heat.